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Mosok; the name itself brings hope to the Light Side, and fear to the Dark. The legendary Jedi Knight Mosok was one of the greatest lightsaber duelists of his generation during the Great Galactic War (3681-3653 BBY). The archives presented here were uncovered by one of the founding members of the Jedi Library, Xi-gonn Vaus, and his painstaking search of historical datacrons has uncovered some of the never before revealed history about the origins of this Knight of the Republic. Including some more clues about his mysterious background, unassuming early years, and of course the tales that made him a legend. More information, or chapters, will be made known and posted here as they are compiled and restored by our team of Jedi archivists here at the Jedi Library, so check back often. .
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
(19 Sep 2012)
Chapter Five
(10 Oct 2012)
Chapter Six
(16 Nov 2012)
Chapter Seven
(8 Jan 2013)
(15 Feb 2013)
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
(9 Apr 2013)
Chapter Ten
(7 May 2013)
Chapter Eleven
(31 May 2013)
Chapter Twelve
(12 Sep 2013)
Chapter Thirteen
(16 Oct 2013)
Chapter Fourteen
(20 Nov 2013)
Chapter Fifteen
(17 Jan 2014)
Chapter Sixteen
(14 Feb 2014)
Chapter Seventeen
(27 Feb 2014)
Chapter Eighteen
(27 Mar 2014)
Chapter Nineteen
(17 Apr 2014)
Chapter Twenty
(21 May 2014)
Chapter Twenty-one
(24 June 2014)
Chapter Twenty-two
(7 July 2014)
Chapter Twenty-three
(24 July 2014)
Chapter Twenty-four
(8 Aug 2014)
Chapter Twenty-five
(12 Aug 2014)
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