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Combat Basics
Combat Basics
Lightsaber Combat
In the history of the Jedi Order, no Jedi Master has taught more younglings the basics of lightsaber combat than Master Yoda. For over 800 years he trained Jedi including most all of the masters and council members during that time. Master Xi-Gonn discovered the following datacron written by Master Yoda from about 95-93 BY
"For 700 years, training Jedi I have. While very qualified recent younglings are, too adventurous I fear they may be. Seeking mastery of lightsaber forms, they do, not understanding what a true lightsaber master is. Seeking mastery of self, becoming one with the Force and the Jedi's own constructed lightsaber, a master makes. Masters of each of the seven forms, there have been, but show me a master of Ataru whom can defeat a master of Makashi, and a master of Djem So that can defeat a master of Ataru, show you I can. Mastery of a form, a great duelist does not make, a master of the Force, controls his own fate.
"Attacks, parries, and body target zones basic lightsaber combat consists of. Each of the forms, uniqueness does have, but they still consist of the basics. As a Jedi learns of themselves, the Force and these basics of combat, a form will naturally fit. Through years of experience a Jedi does change, and a different form may later be desired. A master of Ataru I now may be, but earlier, when younger in years, Makashi and Shii-Cho studied I did. Mastery of a specific form a victor will not make, but with the force as an ally, a master the Jedi will be. This council I provide to Younglings and Padawan's, focus not on mastering combat, but master the force and successful you will be.
"I have seen much combat in my long life, more than a Jedi should have to experience, and the victor is the one who better controls the battlefield. The ultimate victory is when the lightsaber stays on your side and aggression is avoided and the resolution is accomplished with preservation of life. But if negotiations have failed and a Jedi must nobly protect the innocent, then victory should be achieved quickly and
Honorably. This is best accomplished by controlling the battlefield, the Jedi dicating the conditions of battle. This I found to be important more than mastery of Lightsaber forms. Humbly accept the direction of the Force and vitory will be assured.
"Plainly have I spoken, and pride I hope I have not hurt. But important it is to understand what a victor will make. Trust in the Force, use it as your ally, correct direction it will show. My body is frail, failing me it is, but with the Force to carry me, still strong I am. It is this increased reliance on the Force that has lead me to master Ataru. This same direction from the Force is available to all whom will listen to what the promptings of the Force tell you. Obey, and a master of combat you will be."
- Excerpts from "My Findings of the Force", Master Yoda