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Welcome to the Jedi Library. So what is the 'The Library', as we like to call it here? Well, this is not the complete compilation of the entire Jedi Library, that would be too much data for any one location on the Holo-Net to hold, but instead, what you will find here is a collection of some of the more interesting bits of history about some of the legendary Jedi that have served the Republic, both old and new, over the millennia. There will even be mention of the some of those that have served the Sith over the years as well, as we can all learn from the mistakes of others.

The Jedi Library was originally created by a group of founders, all Jedi Masters or Knights themselves, and you will see their names mentioned throughout the archives found here. As with many of the compilations of Jedi lore that is available from other archivists in the galaxy, decisions had to be made as to what should be included here. The founders laid out three goals that they wished to achieve with 'The Library'. Those goals are:
I - The Preservation of accurate historical data of notable Jedi
II - The documenting of the history of Jedi combat techniques as told by the Masters themselves
III - The documenting of lesser known, but historically significant Jedi and Sith
You will notice that these archives are a 'work in progress', as certain accurate historical documentations can be 'elusive'. As we continue to work through the vast amount of raw data that is available throughout the many planetary libraries and holocrons in the Galaxy, we will routinely update the information here with what is deemed by the founders as meeting the above stated goals. So please be patient with our young apprentices as they format the approved data as quickly as they can. They are here on special assignment from the Academy and we only get them for a few moments each week as they step away from their important training.

We all hope that you enjoy the information found here, and may the Force be with you.
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